Mess Free Easter Eggs – Tie-Dye Style!

Last year, I stumbled across a method for dying seriously show-stopping tie-dye Easter eggs. Unfortunately, it included the use of straight food coloring — fine for me, but my kids? No, thanks. Putting a bottle of food coloring in the hands of my preschool and toddler-aged kids was not my idea of a good time.

Fast forward to this year when I came across the idea to utilize the same method for decorating eggs, only this time using washable markers… genius! Totally safe for little hands, provides a little more of an “activity” (not to mention safety… no risk for cups of dye being tipped over!) than your traditional egg dying method and beautiful results.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Hard boiled eggs (super easy! I follow this site’s instructions)
  • Washable markers (we have these and they are the best! Perfect for little hands, easy to pop up and collapse again in its container, and so many colors!)
  • Coffee filters
  • Rubber bands (or this time, we used these little hair bands… we use them in my daughters’ hair and love them for little tiny ponies!)
  • Spray bottle (best spray bottle EVER; how can I possibly have an opinion on spray bottles? It really is that good and cures any bedhead my boys have on any given day)

So now that you’ve gathered all your supplies, it’s super simple to make tie-dye Easter eggs with your littles.

First, color the coffee filters with washable markers. You don’t have to color all the way to the edge, but you should go to about an inch from the edge. This does take some time. I’d also recommend sticking to darker, richer colors. These seem to transfer to the eggs better. It’s okay to leave some white space, too! Just not too much.

easter eggs decorating for kids

After you’ve finished coloring the filter, wrap your egg up in it and tie the open end shut with a rubber band.

easter eggs decorating

Next, squirt your filter-wrapped egg with water. This was the kids’ favorite part of the project in our house! I recommend not adding too much water to the mix; the more water you use, the less vibrant your colors will be. We found this out the hard way — one of my little guys got a little wild on the water spraying front and his eggs were much less bright.

Now for the hard part: waiting! As hard as it is, try to hold off from unwrapping the eggs until they are completely dry! Again, waiting will make the colors brighter. Place your eggs in the empty leftover carton or in a glass container to dry.

When the filters are finally dry, unwrap and admire! The kids loved picking out which ones they’d each made… and you’ll appreciate the lack of mess created in the process. No cups of dye to spill, no hands that stay blue or green for hours (or days!) after, just a super simple clean up with a washcloth if needed.

easter eggs decorating for kids easy

Now that was the kids’ version. But a momma’s gotta have some fun sometimes, too, right? So squirrel a few eggs away for yourself and after the kids go to bed, try the more mom-friendly approach. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Hard boiled eggs
  • Kleenex or paper towels
  • Rubber bands (or hair those hair bands!)
  • Food coloring
  • Spray bottle
  • Rubber gloves (optional, but will prevent your hands from potentially being stained)

The method is extremely similar, only this time, you’ll wrap the paper towel around the egg without any color on it and tie a rubber band around it to hold it closed.

Next, grab your bottles of food coloring and apply dots all around your paper towel covered egg. Continue to add dots of coloring; it’s okay to leave some space white.

easter eggs decorating ideas

After that, spray away! Same rule applies here: don’t use too much water or the colors will be muted. Use just enough water to make the colors run into each other. Give your egg a gentle squeeze to adhere the color and to squeeze out any extra water being held in the paper towel).

Place your eggs in the carton or a glass dish of some kind to dry. Same rules apply here: try your hardest to wait until the tissue/paper towel are completely dry!

Finally, unwrap and marvel at what you just made — seriously, did you know you could ever make a tie-dye Easter egg so gorgeous? No #pinterestfail here!

easter eggs decorating for adults awesome

Do you have any other favorite method for dying eggs with your kids? Do you still like to dye eggs after the kids go to bed, so you can do them just right? Please share with me!

easter eggs decorating for adults food coloring
easter eggs decorating for kids
easter eggs decorating for toddlers


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