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April Trunk Club Try-On and Review

Yesterday was my favorite mail day of the month… Trunk Club arrival day, which means it’s also trunk club try-on and review time!

If you’re unfamiliar with Trunk Club, here’s the deal:

  • You fill out some basic information about yourself and identify anything in particular you’re on the hunt for.
  • A stylist is assigned to you, and they curate a “trunk” just for you, based on the aforementioned information.
  • A preview of your trunk is sent to you, providing the opportunity to accept or deny the items your stylist selected. If you choose to not accept any items, you can give your stylist feedback and opt to have them send you different items instead.
  • Your trunk is mailed to you! Once it arrives, you have five days to decide what to keep (or not). If you need more time, no worries! Just request an extension.
  • There is a $25 styling fee. However, if you have a Nordstrom card, that fee is waived. (I do have a Nordstrom card, so I do not pay this fee.)
  • If you’re interested, you can sign up here!

I seriously look forward to my Trunk Club previews so much! As a busy mom of four little people, I hardly have time to eat, much less shop for myself. Some of my favorite items in my closet have come from Trunk Club and have been things I didn’t know I wanted or things I didn’t think I’d like at all

That being said, I’ll be honest… I have definitely had “dud” trunks (which, let’s be honest, is probably just fine with my husband and our bank account). But the more my stylist and I get to “know” each other, the more my trunks are spot-on.

I was super excited to know my Trunk would arrive before Easter, because I was hoping to get something in it just for that day — because apparently I haven’t yet grown out of believing every girl needs an Easter dress. So, did I get something I didn’t even know I was hoping for? Keep reading to see what was included this month and to see my Trunk Club try-on and review…

First, Ab-Solution High Waist Ankle Skinny pants by Wit & Wisdom and Split-Neck T-shirt from Treasure & Bond

trunk club

Skinny Pants: These are super comfy and super stretchy and I do love the green color. Army green pants are my love language! I seriously can’t get enough of them, yet have a hard time finding just the right pair. Alas, I don’t think these are quite the ones for me, either — they’re just a little too big and I think I’d find myself stopping mid-run on the playground to hoist them back up to belly-button height (whooo for the high waist trend!). Still, there’s a neat belly panel in them to keep things looking nice and smooth… even after you birth four children! I’d say these run slightly large; maybe size down one size.

As for the t-shirt, that’s a big-time “no”. I would actually probably really like it if not for the big seam running down the center of the shirt in front. It isn’t a fitted cut, so it lends itself to the knotted tee trend, which I’ve actually become a big fan of.

Speaking of the knotted trend, the next top stopped me in my tracks with its full-fledged commitment to it.

Roll Sleeve Tunic by BP.

trunk club review

Say what?!  Cropped tops and I don’t see eye-to-eye, so this was definitely a “no”. This is the Roll Sleeve Tunic by BP. It’s cute if I weren’t a 32-year old (prude) mom, though I realized later you could untie it to make it be just a normal, sleeveless button-down. Still, I wasn’t a huge fan; the fabric seemed like it wouldn’t wash up super well and like it would need a good ironing post-wash. Anyone with four small children knows “ain’t nobody got time fo’ dat”. I’d say this does run true-to-size, though it is a roomier style.

Chiffon Inset Camisole by 1.STATE

trunk club review

Next up was this Chiffon Inset Camisole by 1.STATE. I actually really liked this. It was two layers, so though it’s lightweight, floaty and white, it was not see-through — a huge win in my book! It also had adjustable straps and fit very well. I could see this being a very versatile piece that could be worn for a family get-together, date night, or even Sunday mass. Runs true-to-size.

Long Linen Blend Cardigan by Halogen

trunk club for women

Next up in my Trunk Club try-on and review: this Long Linen Blend Cardigan by Halogen. My stylist had originally picked this out in white and black stripe for me, but I changed it for this gorgeous emerald green color. I really, really, really wanted to love this because I have an absolute love affair with this shade of green, not to mention the weight of the linen material is perfect for summertime. However, I had a sneaking suspicion this one wouldn’t work out, and I was right: I’m a mere 5’2″, so something that goes all the way to my knees just doesn’t do well on my petite frame. Still, it’s super comfy and again, this color? So pretty. So if you’re not the size of a hobbit… I’d highly recommend. Definitely runs a little big, so I’d size down.

Acot Linea sneakers by Superga

trunk club outfits

Colors of the world, spice up your life! Totally channeled my inner Baby Spice with these platform Acot Linea sneakers by Superga, which I fully anticipated hating. I’ve not been able to get onboard the platform sneaker train at all, but I was pretty surprised to find myself actually thinking they are quite cute and that I may keep them.

One thing that surprised me was they were quite heavy, actually. Which does make sense, but I hadn’t considered it.

The fact that they are heavy and that I saw there’s a collaboration between Rifle Paper Co. and Keds this summer (I know, right?!) has determined that I will not be keeping the Superga sneakers, though. Instead, I’ll order some Keds and go full-force classic 90s Mom (when paired with my knotted tees!) this summer. I’ll be sure to share the Keds once I pick a pair of them to order and they arrive.

Tiered Asymmetrical Skirt by 1.STATE

trunk club for women spring

This would be a great example in my Trunk Club try-on and review of an item I fully intended to hate but fell completely in love with. In fact, when I’m not wearing it, I still kind of hate it for the pattern, fabric and asymmetrical hem. But for some reason, I really think it is so cute when I put it on. I love the soft, floaty, romantic feel of it. There truly is nothing like it in my closet, because it’s nothing I would ever normally pick out for myself. I would have thought it would come off quite frumpy, but I’m pleasantly surprised at the shape of it and the way it falls.

I can see this being quite versatile in terms of being able to pair it with lots of different options. My love of this skirt is pretty strong, and it’s a pretty hot contender for not going into my trunk to be shipped back to Nordstrom. You never know, it just might make the Easter outfit cut!

Twist Neck Maxi Dress by Caslon

trunk club for women outfits

(Sidenote: I am mortified to notice the preschool finger swipes through the dust on my bedroom mirror… seriously?! Someone get this lady a dust mitt!)

Aside from an Easter dress, I requested a petite-friendly maxi dress in my trunk. One of my friends wears this gorgeous jewel-toned green maxi dress to mass every once in awhile, and she totally kills it. Since she’s a good half foot taller (at least) than I am, I realize the ability to look this fabulous in a maxi dress might be an elusive dream, but… I thought I’d try asking for my stylist’s help. Unfortunately, she’s proved yet again, that I am not a hot contender for making maxi-dresses great again for petites.

This just appeared shapeless on my frame. It was sent in a petite size, but even so, I’d definitely recommend sizing down in this at least one size if you like the looks of it for you. One excellent thing I should mention: it has POCKETS! Bonus points for that!

Hillside Daisies Peekaboo Sleeve Midi Dress by Madewell

trunk club reviews trunk club 2019

This dress was one I’d seen on the Madewell website a few weeks ago and almost ordered for myself, so I was excited to see it scheduled to come in my trunk. The only thing that held me back initially was the length; generally speaking, short ladies and midi-dresses don’t do well together.

Unfortunately, my instincts were right: I just felt it made me look shorter than I am and cut me off at the wrong place on my legs. Had it been cut off at/just above the knee, or even a tiny bit below, I think it would have worked. What do you think — do you think I’m crazy and short girls can wear midi dresses?

My only other misgiving about the dress would be the color. Considering we’re into spring and heading toward summer, I’m just not crazy about the darkness of it all. I would have much preferred a lighter, “airier” color scheme to the print.

Something I love about it is the overall shape of the dress, the way it’s cut, and the “peekaboo” detail on the sleeve.

Overall, the sizing on this seems pretty true-to-size. 

Sannibel Platform Wedge Sandal by Treasure & Bond

Now let’s talk about the wedges I’ve had on in majority of these pictures. I tend to buy new pair of espadrilles every summer, and they’re kind of my “go-to” shoe. I used to be a Target girl for this, but I’ve found with as much as I wear them, I might as well spring for a better quality option that won’t dig into my feet or give blisters.

Last month, I received a pair of wedges that I wasn’t totally willing to commit to in my trunk. The price point was around $150, which was more than I care to spend on a shoe I can only wear a few months (thanks, Minnesota!) out of the year. I also wasn’t totally in love with them, and I felt it was only March… so I wanted to keep my options open to see what else something might come out with. After seeing and trying on these, I definitely know I made the right decision for me.

These are super comfy. Nothing digs in to the sides of my borderline wide feet (see? Hobbit qualities again!), and I really love the uniqueness of the snake print. If that print isn’t for you, they do come in a bunch of different colors. I was scheduled originally to receive them in a cognac color, but I switched to this because I wanted something a little different from the other espadrilles I’ve bought in the past. 

They seem super versatile as well. I thought they looked cute with the floaty skirt I was sent, but they’d also be super cute with a pair of (mom appropriate length) shorts, a sundress or with a pair of pants.

I also appreciate the price, which is around $80. So, I’m sold! They’re a keeper.

Connie Fray Step Hem Denim Skirt by KUT from the Kloth

trunk club women's looks Nordstrom trunk club outfits 

I know the 90s are coming back — it’s plain to see if you walk through Target. But so many of these trends, I just can’t get behind… including this skirt. I just really don’t like a denim skirt for me. It’s fine for others, I just really don’t like it. I am instantly transported back to my middle-school days; in fact, I’m pretty sure I had this exact skirt in ninth grade, minus the step-hem. In fact, I can remember my favorite way to style it… with a Puma tee and blue sneakers from Target. 

Anyway, I’m not really interested in this at all. If you are, I have to say, it is comfy with a ton of stretch, and the step hem in the back makes it a tiny bit longer for bending over and not being too concerned. Fits true-to-size.

So, that’s my April trunk. What did you think? Have any thoughts on what I should keep? Do tell!

If you’re interested in trying out Trunk Club, you can sign up by clicking here. It seriously is so fun — you won’t regret it!

Don’t forget to add a pin to your fashion board for any favorite pieces you saw in my Trunk Club try-on and review!

Little Momma Life April Trunk Club Try-On    Little Momma Life April Trunk Club Try-On   Little Momma Life April Trunk Club Try-On 

Little Momma Life April Trunk Club Try-On

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