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Mother’s Day Gift Guide Ideas 2019

Somehow, Mother’s Day is fast approaching and is just two weeks away! I oftentimes have no idea what I might want for Mother’s Day when my husband asks me for ideas, and I typically find myself surfing the web for gift guides for myself on this occasion!

In today’s post, I’ve put together a gift guide of my own for you of some favorites I’ve found. These are perfect, special little mementos to make each day as a mom a little more sweet when you put them on or walk by them in your home.

For quite awhile now, Mother’s Day has been a very emotional holiday for me. You wouldn’t believe it now looking at my van full of children, but there was a time when we were quite certain we never would have children. Seven years ago on Mother’s Day, I had just experienced my first miscarriage after working through a gamete of infertility issues for two years prior.

Ironically, the following year I gave birth to our first daughter three weeks early on Mother’s Day. Two years after that, I spent Mother’s Day in the hospital again after giving birth to my twin boys. I’ve only had joy-filled Mother’s Days since my firstborn.

So now here we are again with another Mother’s Day on the horizon. Only this year, the emotions felt will be all mixed up again. My own mom died three months ago after only a week of being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. It’s been a very difficult few months with lots of changes and many ups and downs.

The gift guide I’ve got for Mother’s Day this year includes ones to honor moms who are here with us and ones gone too soon.


1 | Custom Watercolor House Portrait

I absolutely adore these. We just built what we consider to be our “forever house” on some acreage right next door to my parents. The planning and construction of this house have such sweet memories for me.

We dreamt of this construction for so long — we spent so much time planning and dreaming. For me, it was a childhood dream come to fruition: living next door to my parents and my kids being able to run next door to Grandma and Grandpa’s on hot summer days for water balloons, lemonade, Schwan’s ice cream and cherry popsicles.

Another facet to the sweet memories include my mom; we lived with my parents next door to our in-progress house while we waited for it to be done. We were only supposed to live with them for three months, but it stretched into six when God had other plans and it turned out to be one of the rainiest summers I can remember. I have no doubt He had other plans for why we moved next door to my childhood home than we ever could have imagined.

Aside from the connection to my mom, this house is just so “us”. It felt like home from the moment we stepped foot inside.

2 | Carson “With the Angels” Sonnet Chime

While at my aunt’s home for Easter last weekend, she took me aside and showed me these chimes she’d bought in my mom’s memory. Before we’d even finished the conversation, I had looked them up and ordered them on Amazon. The chimes say the following:

“So go run free with the angels
Dance around the golden clouds
For the Lord has chosen you to be with Him
And we should feel nothing but proud
Although He has taken you from us
And our pain a lifetime will last
Your memory will never escape us
But make us glad for the time we did have
Your face will always be hidden
Deep inside our hearts
Each precious moment you gave us
Shall never, ever depart
So go and run free with the angels
As they sing so tenderly
And please be sure to tell them
To take good care of you for me.”

I adore these chimes for so many reasons. The poem brings tears to my eyes and makes me imagine my mother running through the perfectly green fields of heaven. Though I haven’t yet put them up, I know I’ll think of her every time I hear them sing.

3 | Stella & Dot Mama Necklace

I’m a total sucker for “mama” necklaces because my kids have never called me “mommy”, but instead, “mama”. It’s not at all the name I thought they’d call me, nor the one I honestly wanted them to call me — until they did, and then it was perfect. I have a mama necklace already, but I love the handwritten script cutout of this one. The price point is also great, at just $39.

4 | Tiny Gold Initial Necklace

There are loads of these necklaces out there, but I love these for two reasons: one, the size. The charms are just 8 millimeters, and when it comes to initial necklaces, I believe the smaller, the better. I love a dainty necklace. Plus if you have more than one child to put on your chain, smaller is better.

The second reason I like this necklace is the variety of font choices, which provides it to be more unique to just your style.

Okay, and a third reason: again, the price point is reasonable and the quality is there, too. Over 11,500 reviews rank this Etsy shop five out of five stars.

5 | Custom Silhouette Printable

These are so sweet! I’d love one of each of my kids hanging in my hallway. I know I’d smile every time I’d walk by them. They freeze such an innocence. Not to mention, they come in a ton of different sizes for whatever space you’re hoping to fill.

6 | Little Poppy Threads by Rachel Isenor

This one might be my absolute favorite of all. Again with the sweetness! I just love how this captures a family in its current state in such a unique way. Plus, Rachel adds the most perfect little details to each portrait that really help to set one family apart from another.

And, bonus! Rachel is willing to give readers a little Mother’s Day promotion by offering 15% off if you get in touch with her via her Facebook page ( or Instagram (littlepoppy_threads) and mention this post. She’s super sweet and works so hard to make your portrait just right!

7 | KT Design Totes

These are seriously the cutest little bags and SO useful. They are made of a great waterproof material, which makes them perfect for so many things: a makeup bag, a post-workout gear bag, a bag for wet swimsuits, a bag to throw inside a diaper bag for an accident away-from-home (which is actually what I use mine for!)… I can think of a thousand reasons to buy these, which is good, because this shop has buckets of gorgeous patterns to put together to make a bag that’s personalized to fit a momma’s personality perfectly. They come in different sizes and styles, and she makes more than bags. I have one of her wallets, which I love so much and get tons of compliments on it.

8 | Gold Mini Dog Tag Necklace by Tiny Tags

This was the first “mommy”-type necklace I got from my husband after our first daughter was born. I started with just her name and a single circle charm with my husband’s initial on one side and mine on the other. Since then, he’s purchased additional mini tags from this company for other gifts so I have all of my kids’ names on the chain.

I actually have another necklace from this same company, similar to this bar style. Mine says “mama” with a heart on it. I actually like that style a little more than my dog tag necklace, but love both so much and wear one or the other every single day. I feel like they go with everything, always put a smile on my face and make me feel a little extra special when I put them on. The price point is higher, but Tiny Tags has awesome quality and fantastic customer service; they really back their product.

9 | The Transport Tote by Madewell

This is a great carryall bag for any mom, with any number of kids, at any ages. Sometimes, we moms don’t like to carry a bag that screams, “DIAPER BAG” — so this is the perfect compromise! It can fit snacks, diapers, wipes, a change of clothes for a toddler… but who needs to know that?

And if you’d pick up a wet bag from KT Designs (#7!) to go along with this, she’d be totally set replacing her diaper bag with this classic, cool style.

10 | The Butterfly Necklace (whisper ‘i love you’) by Tiny Tags

I love this. The idea behind this necklace is that it’s for mommas who have endured miscarriage. The card the necklace comes on states, “Whisper I love you to a butterfly and it will fly to Heaven to deliver your message”. Such a beautiful, simple sentiment.

While the website states the intent is for miscarriage, I’d love to add it to my dog tag necklace in honor of my mom, to keep “her” with me every day. You can also purchase it as just a charm here.

11 | Handwriting Bracelet

About a week after I lost my mom, I found myself frantically searching through totes in my basement for any card, letter, or even a list my mom had jotted down — I needed that real physical reminder of her even though she, herself, was gone. Luckily, I did keep some cards, notes and letters she’d written me over the years. Having a bracelet created with her handwriting would be a beautiful reminder of her.


Be sure to pin this to your Pinterest boards so you can come back to it! Good luck finding the perfect gift for such special women in your life — hopefully I’ve given you some ideas for your mom, wife or maybe even for yourself.

What’s the best Mother’s Day gift you’ve ever received or given?

   Mother's Day Gift Guide 2019 Mother's Day Gift Guide 2019  Mother's Day Gift Guide 2019 Mother's Day Gift Ideas 2019 Mother's Day Gift Guide 2019 

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