Friday Five!

Happy happy Friday! I know you’ve been eagerly awaiting this post after last week’s… it’s a little late in the day, as it’s been a crazy week, but no less: here it is!


Ernie's Big Mess book

Someday I’ll have something more to share than children’s books in this category, right? If you’re hoping for a great book recommendation for kids, you’ve come to the right place! This week, it’s Ernie’s Big Mess, a classic straight out of my childhood and ones I recall asking my mom to read to me on repeat. I dug out Ernie’s Big Mess this week after realizing Lucia is right around the age the others were at when my mom first read it to them; for each of them, their first phrase has actually been, “Ernie, where aaare you?” thanks to the endearing way she’d read the story to them. In keeping her spirit alive, I figured I’d better carry on tradition and get that book read.

When the “big kids” saw what book I had for Lucia, they were fighting over prime Mom-lap real estate in a flash. Needless to say, it’s a favorite, with or without the nostalgia. It really is a good read about friendship, forgiveness and, yes, making a big mess and cleaning it up (ah, my favorite part!). Did you read it as a kid? Definitely worth ordering a vintage copy online for your kids!


Though I don’t have any time to read these days, I do find some time to listen. Sometimes I’ll do a book on “tape” (on MP3? On digital download?! Help me! What’s it called now?!), but most often I’m a tried and true podcast girl. I use them to make less enjoyable activities (think: cleaning toilets that have been used by newly-trained-to-stand-and-pee three year olds!) something to look forward to. Oh, how I love them.

Believed Podcast

This week, I’ve been devouring Believed by NPR. It’s the story of Larry Nassar, the famed Olympic gymnastics doctor who people sang accolades for years about, until his “patients” accused him of sexual abuse.

As a mom of little girls, it’s almost vomit-inducing. My husband has been listening as well, and as he said, it’s hard to believe an individual could possibly be that evil. The story also serves as a sobering reminder that we should give at least a little more credit to the things our children tell us.

It’s nine episodes long, with most of them hovering right around 30 minutes; the perfect length for a short run or a little incentive for bathroom cleaning day!


So podcasts are my intelligent guilty pleasures. And there’s a reason I showcased a podcast from NPR with my nose in the air before this category came.

The guilty pleasure I can’t quit watching the reality TV show, Very Cavalleri. Any Laguna Beach fans out there?

Oh, c’mon! I know you’re out there. Stop hiding behind your oversized sunglasses. In high school, I wasn’t awesome enough to watch it in real time because my family didn’t have cable or satellite.

I know. My life was basically dunzo (yeah, guaranteed 75% of you know what I’m talking about!). But I knew its goodness, so I bought all the seasons of Laguna and still tend to pull them out once a year or so. I binge watch them while cleaning the kitchen and living room (notice a similar trend?) during rest time and no one knew that until now.

But, I digress.

Very Cavallari

Anyway, Very Cavallari is the E! reality TV show of one of Laguna’s resident you-know-what, Kristin Cavallari. She’s still pretty much the same as before, just in mom-form and without the whole, “STE-pheeeeen” constantly coming out of her mouth. Still, she’s gorgeous and it’s kind of a trainwreck, which only means it’s hard to look away.

Honestly, it’s no Keeping Up With the Kardashians (I should stop talking now… all my NPR credibility is DUNZO by now), but it’s entertaining.


This category should be more appropriately named “drinking” this week.

Since my mom died almost four months ago, I’ve got a really, really nasty Diet Coke addiction.

And not just any Diet Coke addiction, because apparently a can or a 20 ounce bottle just isn’t special enough. No, it needs to be a grossly oversized, large Diet Coke fore a mere DOLLAR to satisfy this craving.

And by addiction, I mean it’s a daily occurrence on our way home from town.

I’m just airing all the dirty laundry today, aren’t I? I’ll try to redeem myself now by telling you I’m trying to curb it by drinking tea.

I just went up 10 notches on your list now, didn’t I? Tea is so sophisticated.

And I’ve actually always hated tea, but I adore this one by Bigelow and it’s been warming me up in the middle of this cold, wet spring we can’t seem to shake in Minnesota.


Earlier this week, I remembered (and by remembered, I mean I didn’t remember at all until our photographer saved my life and reminded me!) we have family pictures scheduled for Saturday evening.

While I love getting new family pictures, I spend an embarassing amount of time planning what we’ll wear. Typically, I know what it will be weeks in advance. This enables me to fill in any gaps with ample time to order things online (because our little town is two hours away from shopping, aside from Target and Wal-Mart, for the most part).

Unfortunately, my lack of planning means I’ve been scrambling! And buying an excessive amount of clothing for each child until I’ve found just the perfect family outfit combination.

Today’s lucky lady was Lucia. I scooped up four different dress options at Target. I died a little inside when my total pushed over $50, but then I remembered how good I’ll feel when I return almost (if not) all of them… like I just won $50 on a scratch-off! And considering I never buy lottos so never have the chance to win at them, that means I feel pretty dang good.

Anyway, overflowing amounts of kids’ clothes abound in our casa. It’s overwhelming for my orderly, type-A eyes to look at, so don’t go in my laundry room right now.

Now it’s your turn! What are your Friday Five? Were you a Laguna watcher? An Ernie reader? Tea recommendations? I’d love to hear from you!

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