Looking for outfits and shoes following fashion trends for spring and summer 2019? Check out these cute, casual outfit ideas perfect for moms and women in their 30s!

Cute Summer Outfit Wardrobe Refresh

Getting a cute summer outfit refresh can sound completely daunting. But really, it doesn’t have to be! One of my biggest struggles since leaving the workforce four years ago has been finding a wardrobe that fits my life now. Initially, I couldn’t give up my professional clothes. “What if I go back?” I thought. I can’t get rid of it!

Now, however, I look in my closet and dislike almost everything in there. So a few weeks ago when I was struggling to get dressed (again), it finally dawned on me: you have a stylist. Use her!

As a busy mom of four little people, I rarely take the time to shop for myself. It’s way too much fun to shop for my little people instead! So sometimes, I think it’s helpful to have another set of eyes look for you. That’s where Trunk Club comes in for me.

If you’re unfamiliar with Trunk Club, here’s the deal:

  • You fill out some basic information about yourself and identify anything in particular you’re on the hunt for.
  • A stylist is assigned to you, and they curate a “trunk” just for you, based on the aforementioned information.
  • A preview of your trunk is sent to you, providing the opportunity to accept or deny the items your stylist selected. If you choose to not accept any items, you can give your stylist feedback and opt to have them send you different items instead.
  • Your trunk is mailed to you! Once it arrives, you have five days to decide what to keep (or not). If you need more time, no worries! Just request an extension.
  • There is a $25 styling fee. However, if you have a Nordstrom card, that fee is waived. (I do have a Nordstrom card, so I do not pay this fee.)
  • If you’re interested, you can sign up here!

Last month’s Trunk Club try-on can be found here, if you’re interested!

J. Crew Ruffle Back Linen Tee

This tee has been in my cart for weeks, possibly months, before it came in my trunk. I love me a good peplum! The reason I never took the plunge was the shape (or lack thereof). Since a peplum top doesn’t lend itself to the front-tuck trend, I wasn’t so sure about the combination. I stand corrected, however. I really like the combination and feel it’s a great update to a basic tee… and we all know how I feel about those!

And can we please talk about the back? I seriously love a tee with a surprise in the back. And this one has it! The ruffle runs from one shoulder diagonally to the hem. The tulip-hem in the back does mean you show a little skin in the back. If you aren’t cool with that, you’ll need either a cami or (my favorite!) high-waisted denim. Here, I opt for the latter.

I’d say this runs slightly large. You could go with your usual size, but I did size down.

Verdict: KEEP!

Lou & Grey Softserve Slub Shirttail Tee

This top comes in four colors. Initially, the top was slotted to come in “Summer Sunshine”, which is a very golden yellow color. Though I don’t have a problem with the color itself, I have a strict “color palette only” rule I follow. Needless to say, that bright yellow is not in my palette. This soft pink color is, though! So I switched it over before my trunk was shipped. That’s the beauty of Trunk Club: you can preview and adjust your trunk in terms of color and size, or reject items altogether.

When I previewed this month’s trunk, I wasn’t sure about this top. Right now, I feel like I’m really struggling in the tops department. I have plenty of work/church clothes leftover from my teaching days. I also have plenty of plain tees. As in, PLAIN (boring) tees. Don’t get me wrong: a few solid-colored, v-necks are essential. However, tops with a little somethin’ somethin’ make an outfit feel a little more special, amIright?

Looking at the pictures now, I guess it’s better than I initially thought. The color is nice, the way the top drapes is beautiful, and I did love the soft feel of the fabric. Still, I feel like it just is a little too “ho-hum”. Nothing special. Nothing unique. Just a basic tee. And I have too many of them.

If you’re on the market for more basic tees for a cute summer outfit refresh, this would be a great option. The length is fabulous, and I especially love the long-hem in the front and back. There’s that front-tuck again! And knotting it also looks a little more unique than a typical straight-across hem.

Shoot, now I’m talking myself into keeping it!

In terms of size, it definitely runs large. Size down one, possibly two, sizes.

Verdict: return. I think.

Vince Camuto Flutter Shoulder Crepe Tank Top

Next up for my cute summer outfit refresh: a great date night top! But let’s be honest: our dates typically consist of one of two things.

  1. Seeing a (nerdy) movie and eating large amounts of movie theater popcorn. My typical outfits for such outings typically include my wearing a (nerdy) tee matching said movie (as seen in this post).
  2. Putting the kids to bed early and eating macaroni and cheese on the couch while watching This is Us or the Bachelor/ette.

For this reason, I really need to love a date night top to keep it.

Things I love about this top:

  1. The color. This color is on my palette! So it’s a win. I always get compliments when I wear this shade.
  2. The ruffles. I always love a good ruffle. So classically feminine and pretty.

Things I did not love:

  1. The armholes are a little long for my liking. This obviously means it’s slightly large for me. That said, it would probably be easy enough to fix by bringing up the shoulder seams a bit, which I would be able to do with my mad sewing skills. After all, I’ve sewn a few pillows in my day, and most recently a kids’ cape! I’m practically an expert.
  2. The price. Because of the fact that the top didn’t blow me out of the water, I’m not willing to spend the $59 to keep it. I’m generally trying to live by the rule, “If it’s not a hell yes, then it’s a hell no” as far as my closet goes. So much of what I have right now I’m entirely lukewarm on. Getting dressed is no fun at all for me. If I’m going to rebuild this wardrobe, I need to do it right. No “meh” components.

As for size, it runs slightly big — size down one.

Verdict: Return

CeCe Sakura Delight Floral Scalloped Cami

Ah yes, another date night top. But with this top, I love just about everything about it. And when you love it so much, it’s easy to think of all the places you could wear it besides a Star Wars or Avengers premier at your local theater!

First, let’s talk pattern: I love the fact that it’s patterned, and even more-so that it’s a floral. Like with ruffles, I love a good flower print. It’s such a classic, feminine look. I also appreciate a patterned camisole because in cooler months, it will “hide” behind a cardigan or blazer, which will likely be a solid. Having this “pop” provides that little bit to make an outfit a little less yawn-inducing.

Another thing that makes it feel a little special? That scalloped neckline. Isn’t it so beautiful? It really makes the top stand out. It’s also a detail that won’t be lost when layering in cooler months. It’s right there, front and center.

I also love the fit of this top. Too often with camis, I feel they are so loose and free-flowing up top for me. Not being blessed in the chest department, I can have trouble finding a top in this style that fits securely. Majority of the time, I feel the straps slip down or when I bend over, it gaps too much. Not so with this one; the sizing is perfect. It is definitely true to size.

And finally, though I’ve already mentioned it above, I feel it should get its own “highlight”: this top is extremely versatile. As a Minnesota girl, I need majority of my tops to be ones I can wear in warm and cool (okay, frigid cold) temperatures. This one fits that bill perfectly, as it’s an ideal candidate for layering.

One other thing to note is the bra type I have on. When I tried on my trunk, I was wearing a bralette. I figured for this style of top, I would need to change for it to look halfway decent. Much to my surprise, I was wrong! I find the bralette looks really quite cute peeking out of the spaghetti straps. I count no strapless bra necessary as a win!

The only negative I can find is the color. This pink tone is not quite rosy enough to fit my palette, and with good reason. It seems to blends in with my skin tone a little too much. The camisole does come in a deeper pink, coral and black. I’ll likely exchange for black floral.

Verdict: exchange for another color.

Vince Camuto Rumpled Satin Keyhole Top

This style of top doesn’t typically thrill me. However, it is in my color palette (I told you, I’m committed!), so I thought I’d go out of the box and give it a go for a cute summer outfit refresh.

In order to get the top over my head, I had to unbutton the button creating the keyhole at the neckline, and my friends: that made all the difference. I actually really like this top, and like it even more (thanks, color palette!) when I go back and see these pictures. I can easily wear it with a regular bra (win!), the cut is flattering and it fits well.

That said, when I button the top again to turn it into that keyhole style, I’m not crazy about it at all. Crazy how just that tiny adjustment can change the look so much for me!

Sizing: true to size.

Still, I don’t love it. So, verdict: Return.

Bobeau Side Tie Tee

This tee is a different fabric than I’m typically drawn toward. It feels cheap to me and like it will easily snag. My other knee-jerk initial reaction is the dislike for the front tie. As a general rule of thumb, I really dislike tops with “tails” you tie. I feel like the whole point with a front/side-tie top is to get a laid back, casual vibe that’s not trying too hard. So when you add that as a specific feature to it, it feels too forced to me. I also dislike how long and obvious the tails feel. Almost exaggerated.

However, the color is getting me again! Coral is a color I’ve rarely, if ever, put on before. It also happens to be one I didn’t recall being on my palatte. However, it seemed to be quite complimentary with my coloring, so I went back to look. Lo and behold, there it was: coral!

Still, the lacking quality and dislike of some of the main style elements are enough to send it packing. I will, however, be looking for some summer tops in coral for a cute summer outfit refresh after this!

This top is a little oversize, so I recommend sizing down one.

Verdict: Return.

Madewell Texture & Thread Stripe Smocked Peplum Tank

I had very low expectations for this top when I saw it in my preview, but I’ve been very pleasantly surprised by Madewell trunk picks in the past.

Mostly, I felt uncertain about the smocked upper. For someone with a small bust, smocking can make me look even smaller. And while I don’t aim to embellish my chest, I also don’t aim to downplay what already doesn’t exist (ha!). That being said, I was pleased to see that wasn’t an issue with this top. The smocking was really tight, though, and felt uncomfortable. I had chosen to size down in this top, but you might want to consider going with your normal size.

The upside of the snug fit is that the top doesn’t ride up when moving around. The hemline on this top is definitely not long; it hits the top of my high-waisted jeans at best. I fully expected the top to totally expose my midriff when reaching tall, but the hemline hardly inched upward at all. So if you’re someone who does like this style of top, I would actually say it’s quite mom-friendly. Between the straps and trusty hem, you could get away with playing in this at the park, especially with the longer hemline in the back.

Speaking of that longer back hemline, I really do adore the side profile of this top. I can have a tendency to appear five-months pregnant in tops such as these (empire waisted), but this did not give me that look. And any top that doesn’t have my twin boys asking me when the baby is coming out of my belly earns bonus points.

(NO, there is NOT a baby coming out of my belly in the next nine months. Only the phantom baby that emerges after eating anything. Okay, or drinking anything. All right, or after breathing any air upon waking.)

This was a great example of stepping slightly outside my comfort zone to get a true refresh for a cute summer outfit.

Verdict: not for me, but very cute. Return!

Madewell Whisper Cotton Stripe Pocket Tank

This is a fabulous summer basic. It’s lightweight, fits great, isn’t too clingy (great for hiding those phantom babies!) and comes in a bajillion colors. I bought three last summer in solid colors and they were definite staples. They look great half tucked, knotted, untucked, and can be layered when the weather gets colder in MN. Super versatile and lends itself to many options for a cute summer outfit.

Sizing is spot-on for this top.

There really is nothing more to say — total summer staple in a great stripe.

Verdict: Keep!

Treasure & Bond Knot Front Cotton Blend Tee

I was really excited about this top. Both the knotted tee and half-tuck trend are ones I love, but I hate worrying the knot is ruining my tee or having the half-tuck come undone. This permanently-knotted/tucked tee seems like the ultimate solution! But, alas, it was not.

For one thing, I feel the sleeve length is too long. They seem to overtake my upper body and make my shoulders appear broad.

I also don’t love the color on me — it feels a bit too drab for a cute summer outfit.

And remember when I talked about being concerned about the smocked Madewell top riding up? Well, while that top did not ride up at all, this one definitely did. My stomach was exposed even before raising my arms. When I went for my go-to dancing-in-the-kitchen dance move of raising the roof, the top rode up HIGH. Like, so high, I wondered of that cute bralette I had on was going to show.

Sorry, but three strikes and you’re out.

Verdict: Return!

Overall, the size is pretty accurate.

Dolce Vita Vala Wedge Slide Sandal

I have told my stylist in the past how much I love leopard print. Leopard print is practically a love language of mine; just check my daughters’ wardrobes. If I can find a way to sneak leopard into their outfits as many days a week as possible, I’m all in. My guess is that is why she picked these shoes out for me, even though I’ve also told her I feel a little “old lady” in shoes with two parallel straps across such as these.

These were better than most; I do like the small wedge on bottom. This is different than the usual flat-bottom footbed you usually see in this shoe style. Still, I just do not love how they look on me.

However, if you do like this style and look, I’d highly recommend them for adding a cute summer outfit element. They are super comfortable and I really do love the leopard-print! Sizing on these is spot-on.

Verdict: Return!

Keds x Rifle Paper Co. Triple Decker Slip-On Sneaker

And finally, last, but DEFINITELY not least: the Keds/Rifle Paper Co. collaboration sneakers! I mentioned their existence in my last Trunk Club post and actually requested any shoe from that collaboration to come in this month’s trunk. And, no surprise here… I love them.

They are super comfortable and lightweight, even with the “triple decker” sole size. If you recall last month’s trunk, the Superga sneakers my stylist sent were also a more platform style. Those were quite heavy and felt like I could trip over them easily. These Keds felt nothing like that, though! I didn’t even notice the extra height.

I also love the print on them. It just makes me happy! Styling them with a few other outfits really showed off the surprise “pop” they add to every outfit. These will definitely my go-to runaround shoe for the summer!

They fit great and are true-to-size.

Verdict: Keep!

Also, mega shout-out to the Trunk Club team! I found these for 25% off on the Keds website during their Memorial Day sale, but Trunk Club had me paying full price. I sent a message to my stylist with request for a price adjustment, and they were on it in a second. Totally made the adjustment, no questions asked. This is one of many examples I have that Nordstrom honestly has the best customer service!

Overall, my stylist nailed it. I had so much to choose from and everything fit great. My biggest issue this month is not keeping almost everything my stylist sent!

So, have you tried Trunk Club yet? It’s seriously so stinking fun. What are you waiting for?! Sign up here!

And if any of these outfits gave you some style inspiration, pin them to your Pinterest board for later!

Want to see previous trunks? Check out April’s trunk HERE!

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